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Why Ayurveda?

Arising from ancient India, thousands of years ago, Ayurveda, a Sanskrit word translated as "The Science of Life" is an ancient healing system based on a deep understanding of eternal truths about the human body, mind, and soul.


Its approach emphasizes the importance of addressing the roots, rather than the symptoms, of health and disease. Its "whole body" philosophy offers us advice about how to keep ourselves healthy and to rebalance us when we are unwell.

Your unique mind-body constitution comprises the five great elements: ether, air, fire, water, and earth. Together they are the building blocks of our world. They create our foundation and structure (earth), movement and circulation (ether and air), transformation and metabolism (fire), and cohesiveness factor (water).

The five great elements translate into three Doshas or energies in our bodies. These Doshas are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. They comprise your Ayurvedic constitution, or in Sanskrit, your Prakriti. Every individual has all three Doshas present but in varying proportions. Once we know our Prakriti, we can integrate Ayurvedic practices that help keep us balanced, healthy, and happy. Balanced Doshas shield the body against disease. When out of balance they can contribute to the cause of disease. In Ayurveda, wellness equals absence of disease.

Small changes can have profound effects. It is a viewpoint that is simple without being simplistic and can be grasped by any one of us wanting to maximize our healing potential through a deeper understanding of our unique selves and the world around us.

Our work together will help pilot you to live the life you truly deserve and desire. Imagine having the tools to support your imbalances. Let your kitchen be your pharmacy and let your nourishment be your go-to medicine. I'm here to inspire you to explore new and mindful ways of being, that move you to a happier more fulfilled life. 


Start your Ayurvedic journey today!

The Ayurvedic consultation package will begin with a 75 minute in-depth conversation about your health history, present concerns, and lifestyle to determine your dosha, or constitutional type.  Completely customized to your individual needs, together we will address your goals and hopes as they relate to your health. Working with your own unique circumstances, I will offer thoughtful, sustainable, individual lifestyle, self-care, diet, nutrition, and herbal recommendations. This will be put into a report of findings that will help bring you into balance during the present season and your current stage of life.


This package also includes a 60 minute follow-up session, approximately one week later, where we will go over and adjust the report of findings making sure to optimize all health concerns. 

The wellness consultation is aimed at supporting your most pressing and current concerns. This session is a  wonderful introduction into Ayurveda. Working with your own unique circumstances, I will offer lifestyles, self-care, diet, nutrition, and herbal recommendations to bring you into balance during the present season and your current stage of life. 

Follow-up appointments are encouraged to help you develop and reinforce healthier habits and routines. They also allow me to check in and adapt your wellness plan to your current needs. I may build on what's been established, adjust your wellness plan, or address new health concerns, and add to the current recommendations. 

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